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Welcome to Africa homework page. 


We set weekly homework tasks for children in Reception. These vary from week to week but are usually planned to consolidate learning that has already taken place or preparation for learning that is about to take place.


Homework stickers will be put in the front cover of your child’s red homework book and these will be sent home every Friday. When your child has completed their task, they should put their homework book into the homework box in the classroom. All books should be returned every Wednesday in order for us to share homework and set new tasks. 


In addition to these tasks, every child has a reading folder with a reading book, reading diary and a small packet containing sight vocabulary flash cards and phonic cards. It is expected that all children will have opportunities to share their book and work on their word recognition/ phonic skills regularly. Please remember that it is really important to share lots of stories in addition to your child’s reading book. Children that love books want to learn to read them for themselves.

Recommended reading books for Reception:

Recommended reading books for Reception: 1
Recommended reading books for Reception: 2

What can we do if it snows?

What can we do if it snows? 1