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Click on the web link below to hear the story being read by the author.

Reading and Phonics Guidance During Lockdown

Sugarlump and the Unicorn

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Mrs Connolly has done a fantastic job recording another video for you all. I hope you all love it as much as I did! Great book recommendation, Amelie!

Giraffes Can’t Dance!

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Mrs Connolly and I are missing you all so much! Here’s a special story treat for you all! xx

Week Beginning 13.07.2020- Humanities Week. Access the slides and pdf documents below for all of the humanities challenges for this week. Have fun!

Week beginning 6th July 2020 - This week is Technology and Computing week so Mrs Halliwell has created some daily challenges. In addition I will be posting daily challenges in preparation for moving to year 1 in September.

Week beginning 29.6.20 - This week is Arts week! There are 2 African Art challenges to last the week. In addition to these challenges we will be adding a daily Maths challenge with an artistic twist 😉 have fun and don’t forget to email your art work to us.

Daily Challenges- Week Beginning: 22.06.2020

Daily Challenges Week Beginning: 15.06.2020

Week Beginning Monday 15th June 2020

PE Challenge

Good morning! This week we would love for you all to take part in a whole school challenge that we are participating in run by ThinkActive. This challenge can be completed throughout the week; all that we ask is that you submit your final score (using the score sheet found below) before 1pm on Friday 19th June to We welcome all Reception children to join in with the challenge too, their results will be classed as KS1. There will be prizes for the best score and the school can also win a prize for most entries submitted! So have fun, learn a new skill and use your value of perseverance!  

Daily challenges week beginning 8th June 2020

Daily Challenges- Week Beginning: 01.06.2020

Daily Challenges- Week Beginning: 18.05.2020

Daily challenges - Week beginning: 11.5.20

Daily home learning challenges - week beginning: 4th May 2020

Daily Home Learning Challenge- WB:27.04.2020

Daily Home Learning Challenge- WB:20.04.2020

Thank you for your continued support. All previous home learning activities can be found as you scroll through the page below: 




Welcome to Africa homework page. 


We set weekly homework tasks for children in Reception. These vary from week to week but are usually planned to consolidate learning that has already taken place or preparation for learning that is about to take place.

Homework stickers will be put in the front cover of your child’s red homework book and these will be sent home every Friday. When your child has completed their task, they should put their homework book into the homework box in the classroom. All books should be returned every Wednesday in order for us to share homework and set new tasks. 

In addition to these tasks, every child has a reading folder with a reading book, reading diary and a small packet containing sight vocabulary flash cards and phonic cards. It is expected that all children will have opportunities to share their book and work on their word recognition/ phonic skills regularly. Please remember that it is really important to share lots of stories in addition to your child’s reading book. Children that love books want to learn to read them for themselves.

** During our school closure we will add activity ideas to this page that can be done with your children at home. Remember these activities need to be fun. These are unprecedented times that are worrying for us all and our children are no different. Please don’t put unnecessary pressure on them or yourselves to do ‘school work’ in the traditional sense. Spend time together, having fun and make the most of the opportunity to be together as a family, something that isn’t always made easy by work commitments. Don’t worry about the missed school time (we will make sure that they ‘catch up’ . . . along with every child in the country, when we return). Make memories of this time that your children will recall fondly when they talk about ‘The Coronavirus’ with their children in years to come. 

Organise your days to suit your family, your child/children and what suits you all best. Above all, stay in, stay safe and keep in touch. . . email me at if you have any questions or better still, if you want to share some amazing, fun, home learning.**


Take care,

Mrs Thakur x

We will continue to add activities to this list so keep scrolling down to make sure you haven’t missed anything new 😉 have fun and stay safe

love from Mrs Westerby, Mrs Thakur, Mrs Tweed and Mrs Connolly x

In the event of a school closure or if your child is asked to isolate at home, we have added some things that you can do at home to keep busy. We will add to this, so please keep your eye on this page for more ideas.

Have some story fun!
Lots of fun maths ideas!
Talk about the Ten town characters.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

Some more Maths fun!

Practise your letter formation...

Some more fun indoor activities. How many can you tick off the list?

For all of the Lego fans!

Take a look at for some more fun things to do at home.

I see trees of green and rainbows too... and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

We’re Going on an Animal Hunt...

The tiger who came to visit...

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We saw these scavenger hunts on social media and thought they looked like fun!

Are you up for an Easter Challenge??? Have fun with these and we’ll see you back on Monday 20th April with some more fantastic home learning activities! Stay safe xx

Some more Easter activity ideas! Have a lovely Easter 🐣

Easter I spy 🕵️‍♀️

Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler have adapted some of their books to help children understand self-isolation and social distancing. Have a look at some of their fab work!

Welcome Back! 20.04.2020

Week beginning 20.4.20

WB: 20.04.20- Maths Challenge

Week beginning 20.4.20 Phonics challenge!

WB: 20.04.2020- Investigation Challenge

WB 20.4.20 Let’s find out about frogs!

Recommended reading books for Reception:

What can we do if it snows?