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Congratulations to our pumpkin competition winners! To find out who won- visit our Facebook page!

Congratulations to our pumpkin competition winners! To find out who won- visit our Facebook page!  1
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Would you like to be a member of the school Council 2017-18?


During the first few weeks back, we will be looking for new members to make our school Council team.

A school Council is a group of children from our school who are elected (chosen), to represent the views of the children in our school and get things done. 


 Every class in years 1 & 2 will need to decide on a boy and a girl from their class. 

The school Council helps to make our school the great place that it is to play, learn and grow. They help think of ways to make the school even better. Last year the school Council listened to the views of staff and students about looking after the environment and making sure that people put their rubbish in the bin. The school Council used their ICT skills to make some posters and thought carefully about where to put them to make them the most effective they can be. 


The school Council also thinks about ways we can help our wider community. Last year, we decided to support the charity children in need and Red Nose Day. We thought of ways we could raise money and spread the important message of what our money would support. 


We also had a fantastic pumpkin carving competition, we enjoy having lots of fun! 


If if you think you would like to do this important role, why not speak to your class teacher or Miss Proctor. 

Thank you to our school Council for doing a great job!

Thank you to our school Council for doing a great job!  1
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School Council Meeting 06.01.17


At today's meeting we discussed some of the concerns that year 2 have about the amount of litter that is around the playground and on the path leading to school. We decided that it would be a good idea to make sure that we use our school value of respect and make sure that we are keeping our environment safe and clean for everyone. In the next coming weeks, we are going to be designing and making posters to spread the word about putting our litter in the bin. 


We we also are currently thinking about ways that we can raise money for Red Nose Day. If any of the children have any ideas, please let the school council know! 

We look forward to hearing your ideas. 


School Council 

Children In Need


The Svhool Council decided that we should raise money to help children where we live and around the world. We explored how some children needed some support to take part in activities, to help them to learn new things and some experiences if they were poorly. We decided to support the BBC children in need and the School Council decided to have a "wear something spotty" day. 


Pumpkin Carving Competition 

As school council, we have listened to ideas about what our school community would like to do. We have had a suggestion of a pumpkin carving competition! Over half term we would love you to carve out a pumpkin, in any design you like and bring it to school on Monday 31st October. Please make sure that your pumpkin has your name on it. Have lots of fun and we can't wait to see all your creative skills!



Thank you to the school council 2015/2016 for all their hard work. They did a fantastic job and we are all really proud of them.

Welcome to the School Council... 

...come and have a look at what we have been doing! 

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We wanted to find out if everyone who comes to our school feels safe. We did a survey, asking everyone if there was any places in school where they got their "early warning signs". We were really pleased to hear that most children in school feel safe because they had kind friends and caring teachers. A few children said that they didn't feel safe on the playground because they felt that they didn't have anyone to play with. We have decided to make sure that children use the buddy bench and that buddy monitors are in place to help children to find someone to play with. 
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As a school, we took part in a sponsored walk to help raise money for Cancer Research. As the School Council, we wanted to make sure that as many people as possible knew about our fundraising. We decided to create posters to put up around the school. We thought carefully about where would be the best places to put them.

School Councillors Meet the Mayor!

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