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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

In the unlikely circumstances of us having an emergency situation we thought that we would let you know what the arrangements would be in such an event.

Emergency Evacuation

In the case of an emergency where we have to evacuate the school building and school site, we will go to Boughton Leigh Junior School, Tel 01788 577914, or Boughton Leigh Infant School, Tel 01788 571679. (Bridges during the holiday periods will evacuate to the Boughton Leigh Children's Centre Tel 01788 570347)

In the event of this happening, we will endeavour to text parents using the text messaging service. However we would also announce our whereabouts on the local radio, who will also advise you and keep you up to date with times of collection etc.

It would be impossible for us to phone all parents individually and so we would ask that in the event of an emergency, you also also help us by informing any parent that you know in order to spread the word.

Closure Due to Bad Weather

Once the decision has been made not to open the school due to bad weather, the Headteacher will inform the County Council who will put it on their web site and the local radio stations will be advised so that they can make announcements. If you have signed up to the school closure alerts on the Warwickshire County Council website you will also receive a text alert or you can join their twitter page.

Please remember it is not always a question of weather/road conditions in the immediate vicinity of the school but whether enough staff can get into school for it to function safely, with required staff to children ratios.

School Closure Text Alerts

Go to the Warwickshire County County Council website to register for the text alert service:

Follow the tweets from @wccschoolclosed (become a follower online at