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Children's Viewpoints

What makes your learning interesting and enjoyable?


What do you enjoy about the subjects you learn about and why? This can include English, maths and topic work, as well as after school clubs, visits and special events.


I like being able to draw in my English book. I like to write stories.

I like football club as it made me healthy.

We learn lots of facts.

All of the lovely things we do.

Special events are so much fun: Rugby in Bloom, ITV visit, sports day.

I love doing maths because sometimes it’s really hard and we do lots of stuff for it.

I like new learning, especially in maths.

When we went to the farm it was really fun, but it was hard work. We learnt about looking after the animals. We saw machines that help farmers give animals injections.

Our trip to Warwick Castle.

I like Food Revolution Day as I get to try new foods and make food for my family.

I love making my writing exciting and trying to make it look beautiful.

Conkers visit was exciting and interesting. Exploring the forest and seeing animals.

Such a range of clubs. These are lots of fun and keep us fit and healthy. I love Tae Kwon Do.

Everything is interesting and the teachers all teach with enthusiasm.

I enjoy football because I can learn new skills.

I like science. I like learning how to make things change.

I love adding and doing it lots of different ways.


Is there anything you don’t like about

your learning?


What do you not learn about which you feel might help you understand more about the world around you?


I find maths really tricky.

Doing the same thing (subjects) everyday.

I don’t like it when I get sick. I get hungry near to dinnertime.

I don’t like it when people are talking and distract me from my learning.

Easy stuff because I like a challenge.

Transport was hard. I struggled to draw transport.

I don’t like multiplication because it’s too hard.

I don’t like sitting on the carpet because my neck hurts when I look at the whiteboard.



What makes teaching and learning good?


Tell us about your lessons. Are they interesting? Do they help you learn better? Are they challenging and make you think hard? How do you know how well you do each day?


Learning can be difficult but teachers make us rise to the challenge.

Because you are the best teacher in the world.

I care about you and I know you care about me.

When I find things tricky you always help and give me clues.

I love learning with the class and I love learning with you.

I love doing handwriting and how to do cursive handwriting with you.

I love having lots of questions to answer and now I can give myself clues because you helped before.

Teacher’s marking, prove it & show me.

Teaching is good. Everything is explained to you.

Lessons are very interesting. We like to learn facts.

Arts week was my favourite because we got to paint lots of things about our class continent.

Lessons are challenging when it’s the first time doing it. We improve by practising.

I find challenges tricky but they are fun.

Teaching and learning is an important stage in your life, you’re always learning and our skills get applied together.

Maths is quite challenging, I like the maths challenge colours.

I can get things wrong and I know you will help me get it right.


How could learning be improved?


Do lessons make you think for yourself? What about group and practical work? Are you helped to be independent in your learning. Does marking help you to improve your work?


Marking helps as it tells you how to get it right.

Trying even harder with my learning.

Making 2 stars and a wish helps me most.

Work as a group lots.

Don’t do lots of practical work.

Marking helps me learn from my mistakes and do it better.

Marking helps because I can correct spelling s and learn them for the future.

I like calm music to help me concentrate.

The lessons help me concentrate, check my work and think about how to improve.

The lessons help me persevere. It helps me be independent.


How do teachers and other grown-ups help you or your friends who find it difficult to learn?

Tell us how these children are helped in the school so that their learning improves

If you need help you can use 100 squares, number lines and word banks.

Help to support sounding out to read and spell a word.

Staff encourage me to be independent.

You show us how to do it again.

Adults work with us.

Give us a wish to show what would make our work even better.

When we are stuck the teacher helps us and our friends help.

They give us a clue.

Teachers will always help if I ask.

You tell us where we can find things to help us with our learning.

Teachers will explain again how to do something.



How do we show that we care about others?

Tell us how you support and care for each other in school. This can include your school values; Playground Buddies.

I use my values.

We always help if people are upset or sad.

To be kind and helpful.

Use kind words.

Keep our school clean and tidy.

Using our values all of the time – everywhere we go every day.

Our buddies help at playtime.

Encourage others to use their values.

Help friends if they fall over.

Teachers keep us safe by giving warnings and teaching us the right way to behave.

Playing with everyone. Never say no if someone asks if they can play.

Show people respect and the right way to behave.

We show that we can be kind by being helpful.

Let friends join in games.

What makes you feel safe in school?


How are children in the school made to feel safe? Tell us about e safety. Do you always feel safe? – if not, why not?


I feel safe with my friends.

E-Safety Day.

Hector keeps us safe and helps us. He makes sure we don’t talk to strangers on the internet.

School values and school rules.

I feel safe when teachers are there.

Hector is there for us.

I feel safe as when I fall over my friends help me, so do the teachers.

I feel safe because we have a gate and people can’t climb over the fence.

The school makes me feel safe.

Zip it, block it, flag it.



How well do children behave?


How good is behaviour in classrooms and around the school, playground? Tell us why. Could it be improved? Are there rewards? Do you like coming to school?


We have good to be green to help us behave.

I think children behave well in the classroom and show their values.

Proud card stickers means treasure box.

I like coming to school because I can learn and get better.

I like coming to school because I have good friends and a good teacher.

We use our values to help us behave.

Individuals who don’t behave need to think about their own behaviours.

We use our value of respect.

I get extra golden time when I do well. 


If you were the headteacher, what would you do to make the school better?

Do you think that pupils’ are proud of themselves, their work and the school?

Add buildings to make the school bigger.

I would introduce a school pet.

Get more classrooms and more teachers to teach.

I would make sure children use their values.

Have a park outside.

Have a bouncy castle in school.

Have more gymnastics in school.

Let people bring money in so we can give it to people who have none.

Have more fire practices.

Decorating and painting the school.

Get rid of grab bags.

What opportunities are you given to make the school better – and does the school listen?

Role of School Council. Other evidence of pupil leadership in the school and responsibilities

School council have good ideas they share with all the children.

I was happy to be recognised by reception as school council.

I am proud to be a member of the Munch Bunch and keep children informed about Food For Life.

Pet protectors.

School council help to make changes.

Teachers always listen to me, except if they’re busy, then they do listen later.

I think the school council listen and all the people in charge.

How do we keep children fit and healthy?

Tell us how the children are helped to stay fit and healthy – think about healthy eating, lessons, clubs.

We eat healthy school dinners.

Teach us to love exercise.

Milk makes our bones strong.

PE and football.

Fresh air outside.

Learn about healthy eating and foods.

Drinking lots of water.

Fruit at playtime.

We do Just Dance, PE, swimming and playtimes.

Cheerleading, gymnastics, skipping and dancing.

We learnt that we need lots of sleep to stay healthy.

We do lots of running.

Food Revolution Day.

What could we do to improve the school further?

How could we make the school even better? Give some important improvement suggestions

Give the playground more equipment at playtime and dinnertime.

Not having school uniform.

Having more discos.

Making our school a primary school so we don’t have to move.

Change chicken grab bag to something else.

More sports on playground.

More equipment and games in lessons.

Nothing – our school is brilliant!