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Children's Viewpoints

Children's Survey 2019


Every year we ask the children their viewpoints. We then look at these to see how we can make our school even better. School Council use these, along with other ideas that children share, to come up with ways to make Brownsover the best that it can be. Have a look at see what amazing comments the children had to make!

What makes your learning interesting and enjoyable?

What do you enjoy about the subjects you learn about and why? This can include English, maths and topic work, as well as after school clubs, visits and special events.

I like topic because we learn new facts. I like to solve problems. I like English because we do lots of interesting things. Our artist who came in to work with us. Handwriting. I like to write. I like our art books and making paintings like Monet. I like maths because it challenges me.

Mayor’s visit, Football club. Eco-club because we got to pick up litter. I like using my research skills on the netbooks.

I like writing & learning new things. I love learning to read. I like handwriting – it is fun. You can go into joiners and get a powerful pencil.

I love going in my independent book so I can draw for pleasure. I like doing literacy games so I can play with other people.

I like making things like houses out of paper and building with Lego. I like topic because we learnt about different artists and I like finding out about that. Princess & Dragons – I liked making a mythical beast. I enjoy learning about maths because I like doing hard sums.

The Rainforest topic was good, I liked learning about the plants and animals.  I love learning about how we could save the rainforests from deforestation. We love science activities and using Education City. Oliver’s mum came to talk to us about hairdressing. Dentist came to tell us about teeth. Mr & Mrs Young help us to plant. When we went to Hatton Country World and to see the Snowman. Mrs Basnett helps us get better at music. Maths, because you add numbers up. I enjoy topic because I like every single subject. I like shared read because I like to read with my teacher. I like all learning in school. I like English because we get to write a lot. I enjoy ‘brain breaks’ and cosmic yoga and Just Dance.

I like writing and drawing with my friends. I like phonics because I like to learn new ones. I like PE & Multi-skills with Jason. I like maths and being a super learner.

What makes teaching and learning good?

Tell us about your lessons. Are they interesting? Do they help you learn better? Are they challenging and make you think hard? How do you know how well you do each day?

Because the teaching is fun, you have so much expression and energy. Using the IWB and watching videos to help us learn more.

Yes our lessons are really hard, especially maths. Our teachers – they help us to learn. We know we are challenged when the work feels harder than it did before. We edit & improve our work. Helping me to do things better than I do now. We are always challenged. Green is tricky, orange is trickier & red is the trickiest challenge. We have colour coded challenges. I like to do the trickiest first. We like using the 100 square and other things to help us with our maths. The whiteboard is fun to use. When the teachers help us. Teachers help children when they fall over. They help us to use phonics. I find maths a little bit challenging because my teacher challenges me. I enjoy learning in English, but the lessons are quite challenging. I think that all the subjects are interesting and I think they are fun. I like that we look at learning again and again to get better.

I do good learning because I do good listening. Mrs Phillips’ helps me with my best writing and doing my best. My learning is good because my teachers choose good activities and they challenge me. My powerful pencil helps me to do good writing.

Is there anything you don’t like about

 your learning?

What do you not learn about which you feel might help you understand more about the world around you?

Sometimes writing can be a little bit boring.

When I get stuck and I have no one to help me.

Learning different languages. I’d like to learn more about different continents we’re not in.

Languages – French, German

Learning more about Oceans and more work on continents other than our class continents.

Daily tricky learning.

I wish we’d learnt about under the sea.

I want to know who made the world.

How could learning be improved?

Do lessons make you think for yourself? What about group and practical work? Are you helped to be independent in your learning.  Does marking help you to improve your work?

Marking helps us.

Editing & improving helps us.

When you mark our work by guiding us.

We are independent.

We edit & improve.

I like doing practical work with my friends.

Daily target to help children achieve targets quicker.

I like edit & improve to make my writing better.

I like Mrs Gordon’s smiley faces because I know I have done well.

How do teachers and other grown-ups help you or your friends who find it difficult to learn?

Tell us how these children are helped in the school so that their learning improves

Encourage you to ask a friend. Turn us into teachers to help other people. Tell us to look at the learning again. Top tips to help us.

We are given clues to help us.They show us what to do again. They always help us when we are stuck. Using word banks & 100 squares.

Teachers talk to us and help us if we are stuck. When we do not understand, teachers help us as many times as we need. Teachers remind us to use our values. When you’re struggling with your writing, the teachers help you to sound it out. My teacher tells me to keep on practising so that every time I will get better. If I am stuck on something, I can put my hand up and my teacher will come and help me. When I had eyedrops in & I couldn’t see, my teacher helped me. If I don’t know it, my teacher gives me some clues. My teacher tells me to use my robot arms and helps me with my reading & writing. Teachers help us when we don’t know what the sounds are, they give us a sound mat.

How do we show that we care about others?

Tell us how you support and care for each other in school. This can include your school values; Playground Buddies.

By respecting others. If they fall over we help them. We use all of our values to everyone in school. We don’t push or kick if someone does something unkind to us. We play with anyone who wants to play. We use our values towards each other. If someone sits on the buddy bench we will ask them if they want to play. We are kind. If children fall over, help them up and take them to a teacher. The teachers help us.

We’re kind and respectful. I think the year 2 Buddies make me feel safe on the playground. When my friends are playing with me at play times and lunchtimes. It makes me happy. I like being in talk partners because I get to work with everyone. I like my friends being happy. When I fall over, my teacher makes me feel better. We’re kind to others & share. We don’t push. We’re not rude.

What makes you feel safe in school?

How are children in the school made to feel safe? Tell us about e safety. Do you always feel safe? – if not, why not?

Our teachers & staff.

Teachers us how to stay safe online.

Network hands & protective behaviours.

I feel safe because there are teachers here.

I always feel safe.

If you hurt yourself you go to an adult and they will help you.

Grown ups are always around to help us.

Kid friendly school.

All the people we know help us.

We look after each other.

The firebell keeps us safe.

I feel safe when my grown-ups are around and I can see them.

I feel safe in my classroom because I get to sit next to my friends in learning spots.

The teachers are here and help to keep me safe.

How well do children behave?

How good is behaviour in classrooms and around the school, playground? Tell us why. Could it be improved? Are there rewards? Do you like coming to school?

In the classroom it’s good because we are learning. Playground – sometimes people can be unkind. People don’t run in school.

Behaviour is good in school – we listen to the teacher and use all of our values. We get golden time and good to be green.

I like coming to school to learn new things because it’s fun. Children behave when they use their values. Good to be green helps us.

It’s really good. If you’re not good you get a red or yellow card. If you’re good you get a good to be green sticker. When you get 5 stickers on your proud card and you can treasure box. We could make behaviour a ‘teeny’ bit better at playtimes, lunchtimes and in the classroom.

I like the good to be green cards and stickers. Treasure box, red & yellow cards. We like coming to school.

What opportunities are you given to make the school better – and does the school listen?

Role of School Council. Other evidence of pupil leadership in the school and responsibilities

School Council, munch Bunch, Eco Warriors.

Votes in class

Yes the school listens!

Our School Council; listen and help to make the school better.

We use our values inside and outside of school.

We helped garden – we swept, watered flowers and dead head them to help school look pretty.

Everyone said that school listens to all children’s ideas. School council & Munch Bunch also pass on ideas.

We can plant with Mr & Mrs Young.

Munch Bunch do the composting.

Eco-Warriors – saving electricity & turning off the lights.

I think my school listens because the children and grown-ups use all of their values, especially respect.

We are all polite, kind and show our respect.

My teacher asks me if I am happy.

I really like to visual timetable because I like to know what we are doing.

School Council make ideas. 

If you were the headteacher, what would you do to make the school better?

Do you think that pupils’ are proud of themselves, their work and the school?

Make sure everyone has fun. Make sure that everyone gets educated. Make sure it’s not always football outside.

Everyone is safe. I would plant even more plants. I would make the school more colourful inside. I would make the school bigger like having year 3 & 4, we could go up a level. I would add activities like treasure hunts to make it even more fun.

Everyone agreed they feel proud of themselves and their work. Make it a primary school. More outdoor activities.

Tell people not to waste paper. Mrs Basnett needs to help us with busy learning. I would make sure everyone uses their kind hands. If I was the headteacher I would like more school trips. The headteacher makes everyone happy.

I would make everyday a non-uniform day. More teachers. We would like Mrs Basnett to come and see our work more.

What could we do to improve the school further?

How could we make the school even better? Give some important improvement suggestions

Make the playground more fun. Put in a swimming pool. Use our school values even more! Make sure all of the litter is picked up. We could plant more things we can eat at school. Make it a primary school. Some children felt that the school day is too short and if it was longer they could do more learning. Using all our values each day & even when we are not at school. Not waste food. I would make sure all the boys and girls are confident with their learning. We want teachers to come up to the next year groups with us. We want Brownsover to be a year 3,4,5 & 6. We need to learn to count to 100 more.

How do we keep children fit and healthy?

Tell us how the children are helped to stay fit and healthy – think about healthy eating, lessons, clubs.

Just Dance, meditation, PE, cosmic yoga.Eating fruit at playtime. Healthy meals at lunch. Playtimes & lunchtimes. Lunchtime coach to play football & games. We eat fruit & vegetables at school, not sweets. We go for a walk once a day. We play & run around outside.

We do sports day. We play hockey at playtime. We do PE to keep us healthy. We always do lots of exercise. You make sure we drink lots of water every day. We can drink milk. We are taught not to have too many sweets and chocolate.  Good school dinners.

Healthy snacks. Healthly lifestyle day & Food Plate lessons. After school clubs & swimming. Jason helps us do exercises and plays games with us. Yoga, sports, football and after school, Dancing. Walking to church and to the park. I like the 5km healthy walk to school.