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School Improvement Priorities

Brownsover Community School

Our School Priorities this year


We thought that it would be good to share our key school priorities with parents so that we can work together. We begin by doing a school evaluation form where we look at all the strengths in the school and the areas that we would like to improve. We then write a Learning Improvement Plan.


We have several areas that would like to make even better that are in our Learning Improvement Plan, but our key ones for this year are:


To continue to develop leaders at all levels to ensure a consistent approach in improving outcomes for all pupils.

For staff, pupils and governors to continue to work closely together to ensure that everyone is able to achieve their maximum potential. Staff access a wide range of high quality on-going professional development, through research, training, networking and CPD in order to continue to develop a forward looking and outstanding learning and teaching provision across the whole school, so that every learner develops a lifelong love of learning.


Embed and further develop assessment systems for non-core subjects.

Assessment levels have been replaced with statements outlining expected levels of attainment for each year group. We need to continue to look carefully at these  to ensure that our assessment systems accurately track pupil progress & identify next steps for learning in all curriculum subjects.


Continue to develop pupil leadership opportunities in order that pupils are confident, independent learners & ambassadors for our school.

The importance of the children’s voice has always been recognised at our school with an active School Council, peer play leaders and the opportunity to take on monitor roles. We would like to further enhance their roles this year such as developing pupil focus groups to address healthy lifestyles, e-safety and community and charity work.


85% of pupils will meet the national standard in English & maths and/or make good progress.

We want all of our children, regardless of other factors, to make at least good progress. Across the country there is a gap between certain groups of children, such as those on free school meals and those not on free school meals. We do not want this to be the case in our school and don’t see why it should be like this, so are going to look closely at what support is needed for all the different groups of children in our school to ensure that they fulfil their potential.


Further embed clear EY vision to ensure consistency for all pupils.

Early Years provision is constantly evolving to ensure that it meets the needs of all learners. Key aspects for further development this year include marking and feedback development, so that pupils are able to access a clear and child friendly marking system which ensures that the children have opportunities to reflect on their work. This also provides the opportunity to respond to comments to show progress and understanding in their learning.  


If you would like to ask any questions about the learning improvement plan, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We look forward to working together as we make our wonderful school even better.