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Update from Mrs Wells - Google Classroom

Dear Parent / Carer,  


From Monday 11th January 2021, our online learning will move to Google Classroom. All classes will have a specific area on here where all of their work is set. Each day, teachers will record videos to introduce the new learning, share links and resources to support children and give explanations of what children are expected to do.  


Google Classroom will allow children to have greater interaction with their teachers as well as receiving the excellent teaching they would get in school. As this point, teachers will not be teaching live lessons as there are many safety concerns to consider surrounding this, as well as the fact that it relies on all children having access to a device at the same time. I feel that this puts too much pressure on parents.  


If children are struggling with a piece of work, children will be able to send their teacher a comment; as well as this, if a child has errors in their work, or it is not of the standard teachers are used to seeing in the classroom, they can send it back to the child and ask them to resubmit it once it has been edited according to the feedback. Teachers will stop responding to children’s work at 2:30pm each day in order to address other duties that are required of them at this time.  


As I mentioned in the newsletter, our online learning platform is work in progress and what we offer on it will grow with time. Initially, teachers will upload teaching and resources for the lessons children would usually attend that day, but as time goes on, I plan to invite children to other classrooms to address some of the other areas of the curriculum they are missing out on.  


On one of the other attached sheets, you will find details for how to logon to Google Classroom and your child’s username and password will arrive by separate email, entitled: Username & Password (Welearn & Google Classroom).  


I hope you find it easy to login to Google Classroom and to navigate your way around the platform. As always, if you do struggle with anything, please contact us.  


Kind regards,  

Mrs J Wells  

Acting Head