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Update from Mrs Wells

Dear Parent /Carer,


I am writing to update you on a few things as so much has changed in school recently and I thank you for your patience during this time.


We have now finalised where you need to drop off and collect your children. Those children who are in the Nursery or Bridges bubble need to be dropped off at the Bridges entrance, those in the Reception bubble will now be dropped off at the Reception classrooms and year 1 and 2 bubbles need to be dropped off at the Year 1 and 2 classroom doors (the teacher or teaching assistant will be standing at the door to meet you). I know this has changed already; however, we have had to adapt our plans according to the number of key worker children we have coming to school.


In order to ensure the school site is as safe as possible, we will be introducing phased drop off and collection times from tomorrow. Those children who are in Nursery and Reception will be dropped off at 8:50am and collected at 3pm and those children in Years 1 or 2 will be dropped off at 9am and collected at 3:10pm. If you have children in both phases of the school, you should arrive at the earliest time to drop the youngest child off and then drop the other child to Key Stage 1 a few minutes earlier than their usual start time. Please make sure you arrive just a couple of minutes before your child starts school or the time you need to collect them. If everyone sticks to the times and guidelines set; then we will not see any parents waiting around outside of classrooms and so minimise the risk you pose to each other. 


As the weather has turned and the paths are becoming icy, we are also changing the one-way system so that you do not need to walk up the incline through the carpark gate. From tomorrow, please enter and exit the school premises via the pedestrian gate. You will continue to maintain social distancing guidelines as long as you adhere to the times set .


As a school, we are currently revising how we approach the online learning so that children receive more input and a greater variety of activities. This means that although teachers will set work for children to complete this Friday afternoon, they will not be responding to their emails. 


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Kind regards,


Mrs J Wells

Acting Head