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Good morning everyone!


As part of our new PE Scheme we are able to offer every child their own login to access Real PE at Home. You might see that we ask you to go onto Real PE at Home as part of our weekly PE lessons on the daily plans. They have a great range of activities to offer that focus on your child's agility, balance and co-ordination. We all know how important it is to keep our bodies fit and healthy, especially during these times. This website will allow you to access high quality PE provision from home.


If you would like your login please email your class teacher so they can arrange this for



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Good Morning everyone,


We would like to remind you all that you can still access Education city, Bug Club and Oxford Owl from home.

Oxford Owl login for Asia class-Username: asia21 and password: stars.

If you have forgotten your education city or bug club login please email me at


We have had many parents inform us that they do not have access to a printer and would like to re-assure you that everything we are putting online is completely adaptable. We don't want any of the activities to cause any distress and you are able to make the learning activities fit around your day.


We would like to stress that you do NOT need a printer to complete the learning. All of the activities can be done on a piece of paper, with the children writing them out. The worksheets are there as an example for you and to use as you wish.


BBC Bitesize are also creating 3 hours of learning material per day for KS1 which we urge you to use.


Below is an example of some work I received yesterday where the children have completed all of the activities successfully without a printer.

Maths- Access Lesson 3 on the PowerPoint

Topic- title page examples

Walk a mile at Home

English Day 1 and 2- Focus on -ful suffix today. There are lots of activities on the Powerpoint.


Good morning Year 2, we are sorry that we won't see you this week but please find all Home Learning Tasks for WB 14.12.20 below. We hope you enjoy joining in with the activities at home and have a fantastic Christmas break! Stay safe and see you in 2021.

English: Can you plan and write your own Elf Adventure?


Monday- Create character and setting descriptions using exciting adjectives!


Tuesday- Use the Story Mountain Plan template below to help you plan your Elf Adventure Story.


Can you challenge yourself to include the Tricky, Trickier and Trickiest time conjunctions?

Can you also include exciting adjectives to describe your settings and characters?

Can you include these suffixes -ed, -ly, -less, -ness, -ment and -ful?


Wednesday- Finish off your plans and then begin writing your Opening and Introduction of your Elf Adventure story! 

Make sure you expand on your plans when writing to include more detail in each paragraph.

Make sure you have included your time conjunctions, adjectives and suffixes.


Thursday- Today you are going to write your Build-up and Problem! This is the exciting part of your story! What is the main exciting or dangerous event that has happened?

Try and use some Tension, Suspense and Mystery to make your stories more exciting for the reader!


Friday- Time to finish your amazing stories! Write the Resolution and Ending to your story but don't rush! This should be just as engaging as your beginning and middle parts. Make sure the problem is resolved.

Have you got your capital letters, fullstops and finger spaces?


Once you have finished edit and Improve your work to make sure you have included Time conjunctions, adjectives and suffixes!




Christmas themed Maths and English packs

Maths Day 1. Go through the Day 1 slide on the presentation and then complete the making Equal groups worksheet. Can you challenge yourselves to complete the Mastery Cards?

Maths Day 2. Go through day 2 of the Powerpoint and then complete the 'Add Equal Groups' activity by selecting a picture card and writing the corresponding repeated addition sum.

Maths Day 3. Go through Day 3 of the Powerpoint and then complete the 'Adding Equal Groups worksheet'. Can you challenge yourselves with the mastery cards?

Maths Day 4. Go through Day 4 of the Powerpoint and complete the Array activities below.

Maths Day 5. Go through Day 5 of the powerpoint and then complete the Array Representation sheet below. Challenge yourselves to complete the Mastery cards!

BookTrust recommended reads for 6-7 year olds.

Activities to share at home!

This week year 2 will be learning about statistics.

SPAG activities

Time! Have a go at some of the time activities below. You can choose which area of time you need to work on from O'Clock to 5 minute intervals.

Money recap- Help your child to choose a tricky (1 star), trickier (2 stars) or trickiest (3 stars) activity to practice their money and addition skills.

PDF version of money activities.

Place Value Recap - Please select a few pages for your child to complete to consolidate their understanding of place value.

PDF version of Place Value activities

Walk 15 Family Mile with Nick | Walk at Home

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Peace Out Guided Meditation for Kids | 10. The Tickle Pixie

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Maths Task

Peace Out Guided Relaxation for Kids | 9. Cosmic Counting

Peace Out Guided Relaxation for Kids | 9. Cosmic Counting Peace Out is a series of guided relaxations and visualizations for kids, written and voiced by Jaim...