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Welcome to the new academic year 2020-2021


WB: 16.11.20: This week we have been pretending to be Newspaper Reporters to write a report about The Great Fire of London! We have explored different Newspaper Reports and identified the features used, ready to write our very own!

WB 9.11.20: This week Asia class have been learning all about Diwali and The Story of Rama and Sita. They have then created their very own Diva Lamps! They have also placed their poppy they made for homework in our reflection garden.

WB:2.11.20 This week Asia class have been consolidating their knowledge and understanding of number bonds to 10 and 20 and then challenging themselves to find number bonds to 100. They have also been creating Rangoli patterns using their knowledge of symmetry!

Great Fire of London Webquest!

Your new topic is Fire and Light and you will be learning about the Great Fire of London.

Use your staying safe skills to find out some information and fun facts!



The Great Fire of London Web Quest

Primary Facts

In what year was the Great Fire of London?

Where did the fire start?

At what time did the fire start and how?

Who noticed the fire first?

What were most of the houses made from at the time and how did this affect the spread of the fire?

What happened to St Paul’s Cathedral?


The School Run facts

How many days did the fire last?

What had happened in London before the fire that meant the city was dry?

How do we know about the events that happened during the Great Fire of London?

How did they fight fires during these times?

What material did they re-build houses with after the fire?

What monument was built and why?


BBC Newsround Video

How many buildings were damaged?

How many churches were damaged?

How many homes were burned down?

How many people were reported to have died?

How many people were left homeless?



Now use google to find out your own information. Remember to stay safe and Zip it, Block it and Flag it if you see something you don’t like.

End of our first topic Pirates and Oceans. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about famous Pirates and have faced many new learning opportunities this half term.

Pirate Party to mark the end of our first topic!

Thank you for all of your donations, we raised lots of money for Breast Cancer Now. #wearitpink

WB:19.10.20 Asia class have been role playing The Good Samaritan story in R.E, thinking about the different characters qualities and what they were like. Asia class have also been super busy Mathematicians this week! They have been consolidating and extending their knowledge of time, money and patterns.

WB: 12.10.20 This week Asia class have been practicing their cooking skills to make pirate soup. The children washed, peeled, sliced and diced their own vegetables before boiling and blending them to make soup. As writers, they then wrote instructions on how to make the soup using their time Conjunctions and bossy verbs!

As Mathematicians we have been learning about time. The children are now practicing to tell the time to the hour, half past, quarter to and quarter past.

WB:5.10.20 As it was Healthy Eating Week last week Asia class have been learning all about a balanced diet and what foods we need to keep healthy. They have also learnt the names of the different food groups and are able to explain what foods come in each one.

This week Asia class have also enjoyed learning about 2D shapes and lines of symmetry. The children also learnt about the difference between regular and irregular shapes.

WB:28.9.20 This week Asia class have enjoyed consolidating their measuring skills outside using metre sticks and a trundle wheel. They have also been using the BeeBots in Topic to create algorithms and then debug them.

WB:21.9.20 In English, Asia class have been consolidating their knowledge of Time Conjunctions. They have also been reading The Night Pirates and then creating character descriptions using adjectives. This was how the described Captain Patch.

WB: 14.9.20. At the beginning of the week Asia class had fun exploring the outdoors, focussing on their senses. They then performed and wrote their very own poem about what they could see, hear, smell and touch outside.

WB: 7.9.20. Asia class have been consolidating their knowledge and understanding of place value.