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Webquest for our tree investigations
(Woodland trust nature detectives, PDF of a leaf dial and leaf ID, printed off a copy of each)
(Quite wordy but has some illustrations on the left of the page)
(fun facts about trees)

Christopher Columbus Webquest


In topic we are exploring Christopher Columbus. Use the links below to find out some more exciting facts about the explorer!

More movement in PE!

As Artists we have been creative with snowy scenes!

Christmas in Australia ~ our window display!

Live Advent begins!

Creating our Christingles

Christmas Decoration Challenge

Talk for writing when re-telling the story of The Gingerbread Man!

Here is a snippet of Australia Class re-telling the story of The Gingerbread Man!

Still image for this video

Our science investigation...the results!

As Historians we have been exploring toys from today and toys from the past.

Funky Fingers … this is our fine manipulation activities which include completing lots of different challenges that keep our hands super busy. The challenges are designed to build up the strength and dexterity in our hands, which are the foundations needed for writing. We have a carousel of activities that we complete, with different levels of challenge. We link this to their current learning to help embed and consolidate skills. For instance we have carefully tied loom bands onto lollipop sticks, completing addition calculations to find out how many to put on. We have also been using pegging letter pegs onto paper to make some of our tricky words.

Washing our hands is important, more so now than ever before. We have been busy designing our own washing hands posters... don’t they look great?

Another fantastic PE unit! This time Australia have been using their perseverance value to complete some challenging balances.

Science Investigation!

Remembrance Day reflection!

We have been using time conjunctions to re-tell the story of Funny Bones.

Still image for this video

Amazing movement and coordination skills in PE this half term!

Measuring in Maths

Harvest homework creations!

Using the children's new learning about time conjunctions, the children worked in teams to re-tell the story of Owl Babies.

We are very proud of Australia’s re-telling of the story Owl Babies.

Still image for this video

Super challenge in maths from children in Australia class when working independently.

Australia class used the British Value of Democracy to fairly appoint two new School Council representatives.

In Science the children went on a mini-beast investigation in our local environment. They then used their knowledge about where mini-beats like to live to design a bug hotel.

These children have been consolidating lots of their English skills independently.

The children used their art and computing skills to create pictures of animals inspired by the text 'Here We Are.' The challenge was tricky and the children needed to demonstrate their value of perseverance.

In English and Science Australia class learnt about their senses and used their new learning to make a comparison of the countryside and the city from the text 'Here We Are.'They also went on a senses hunt in the school playground.

Consolidating Maths skills whilst working independently.

We have been reading the text 'Here We Are.' We used the text to think about where we belong and how we feel about school.

Australia class used their geography skills to explore our school grounds.