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Our School Governors

Our School Governors


Helen Owens

Chair of Governors

I became a parent governor 3 years ago, when my son went from Nursery to Reception. I had been impressed with how happy all of the children were at school, and of all the different ways they had to learn, and wanted to support the school in the great job that they were doing. In Sept ‘14 I became Chair of Governors, and have just been re-elected as Chair for this school year. I am also the governor responsible for Safeguarding at our school.

My background is as a programme / change manager for large companies, primarily involved in finance projects, and these skills are very useful in my role as Chair of Governors and of the Resources committee (Finance!).

I also come from a large family of teachers (Heads, deputy heads, teachers and TAs), so have some background from a teacher’s perspective of the many different challenges they face.

I’m incredibly proud of our whole school and the huge amount of time and effort that goes into making each child’s learning journey the best and most positive experience, and of the fact that it is truly a safe, happy Community school.

We as governors have also developed a small section of the website, so that you can read a little bit more about us and what we do in partnership with the Head teacher and the rest of the staff.

Please contact us if you have any questions on


Governing Body

For general information about being a governor, please view the information available on: or

At Brownsover Community School, we currently have 8 Governors and our Clerk. The Full Governing Body (FGB) which is all Governors, typically meets once a term. All governors are volunteers.

Our job, as Governors is to work in partnership with the school to strategically plan for the next 3-5 years of the schools life, and to ensure that all pupils are supported and challenged, whilst maintaining a safe and happy environment in which they can learn and play.

The FGB is also split into multiple smaller committees, which deal with the key areas of governance that we and the staff are responsible for. These committees typically also meet once a term and report back to the FGB. They also have a Chair and Vice chair:

Performance & Standards – This committee is responsible for ensuring the school and pupils are constantly achieving the highest possible standards, regardless of ability and socio-economic background, and that the evidence and data support this progression / achievement

Resources – responsibility for ensuring that all school funding is spent in the best manner possible for the continuous improvement of all pupils as well as their safety and wellbeing

Pay – (once a year) this committee meets once a year and ensures that the progress and pay of the staff are in line with the evidence, policies and procedures

Elisa Basnett

Headteacher Governor


I was appointed governor here at Brownsover, when I joined the school as headteacher in November 2009. In addition to my teaching and headship experience, I have been a governor in one way or another for the last 10 years, from a parent  governor at my daughter’s school, to a staff representative in my previous post. My different roles have enabled me to always consider school from a range of perspectives!


As headteacher governor, I sit on both governor committees: performance and standards & resources (finance). My contributions to these ensure that all governors are fully involved and up to date with school priorities and developments, ensuring that we continue on our journey to outstanding.


I carry out on-going monitoring and evaluation of the teaching and learning experiences here at school, in addition to close scrutiny of every individual child’s progress and attainment. This enables me to ensure that every child is fulfilling their maximum learning potential.


Beyond the day-to-day running of the school, I aim to support as many events as I can including the Christmas and Summer fairs, shopping night and our annual community gardening day, so that I can truly be a part of our whole learning community.

Stephen Large

Co-Opted Governor


I am Stephen Large and I am a co-opted governor. Having a son at the school I have seen the positive impact the schools approach has had on his ability, his social skills and personality. I want to support the school in maintaining and growing this high standard for others.

While my background is in not within education, I bring a wealth of knowledge from both a organisational and capability development approach. I feel this offers a level of practicality and objectivity that will benefit the continued development and success of the school

I am happy to be part of the governor team at Brownsover Community School and look forward to helping the whole school team support both the children at the start of their journey, and the Head teacher in achieving the ambitions of the school.

Amy To

Co-opted Governor


I am delighted to join Brownsover Community School as a co-opted governor. My eldest is in year 2 and I am impressed with the school’s management of her food allergies. By creating a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment, she is able to have balanced lunchtime meals and to participate in food-related activities. I fully support the school in offering young children an excellent start in life. Indeed, my youngest enjoys interacting with the other toddlers at the “Kanga n Roos” playgroup and this will pave the way to a smooth transition to Bridges Play and Learn.

I decided to volunteer as a governor as I wanted to offer something back to the community. With an ethnic minority background, I hope to add some diversity to the governing body which reflects the demographics of the local area. I believe this will help in building a strong school-community relationship. I value equality and giving all children every opportunity to reach their full learning potential.

Professionally, I am a qualified accountant and will apply my financial and analytical skills in the role, ensuring the school manages its finance wisely and achieves best value for money. I look forward to working with a dedicated team and to support the school in achieving excellence.

Deita Hubbard

Parent Governor


My child started at Bridges last year and is now in Pre School. I have joined the (PTA ) FABs as I feel as a parent it is important to be involved and help where I can. I have an interest in my child's education and welfare.
My Background is in TV, Film and Theatre, the arts are a passion of mine. I also work in events, particularly in event managing. I am very lucky as I have worked on many high profile jobs. It is a little diverse but it seems to have worked hand in hand.
I am hoping that with my background in the arts and events, I would like to think I have the opportunity to offer some good input if needed.
It would be fantastic to get involved as from my point of view it is important to know how the school works taking in the views of the teachers and the running of the school. As a Parent governor I would like to bring a parents perspective.

Justine Haddon
Co-Opted Governor

I am Justine Haddon and I am a co-opted governor. have a close connection to the school as my son is a pupil here and feel Brownsover Community School has given him the best start to his educational journey.

I am extremely proud of our school and want to support the school in reaching its full potential and as such I am honoured to be part of the leadership team at Brownsover Community School as a governor. I and am committed to helping the school develop in any way possible to ensure every child is inspired on their own learning journeys to become independent, inquisitive, and thoughtful young people.

My background is corporate in healthcare Sales and Marketing and I have experience of leading direct and indirect project teams and working across multidisciplinary teams to deliver common goals.

Ian Webb

Co-Opted Governor


I became a school governor three years ago having had connections with Brownsover Community School (BCS) for many years both in professional and family capacity. Having worked as a risk management officer for what was the Warwickshire Education Department for 15yrs I had visited BCS on many occasions to advise and assist on all aspects of personal safety and security.


I retired some 4yrs ago and felt my background could be of some assistance to BCS. I have thoroughly enjoyed my  time as a governor and proud to serve the staff and children of such a hard working progressive and valued community school. The governing body is here to help the school achieve its goals and I hope I can assist in this aim.

Mary Webb

LA Governor


A former primary school teacher, Mary first became a governor for Henry Hinde Infant School in 2000 and Hillmorton Infant & Junior School in 2003.

Moving to Brownsover in 2005, she was delighted to become a Local Authority school governor for Brownsover Community School which, she says, “is an amazing place full of warmth and happiness”.

With many school visits, she knows it is an exciting safe place for children to experience the joy of learning.

Mary attends the Performance and Standards governors’ meetings which ensure that high quality teaching is sustained and the pupils’ academic improvement is continuous. She has received safeguarding training, one of the many courses run by the Local Authority to continually update governors’ development.

Since becoming a County Councillor in 2013 it has enhanced Mary’s ability to further her work with the School.

Rosemary Hercock

Co-opted Governor


I am Bridges Childcare Co-ordinator and part of school Senior Leadership Team, I was previously a governor in 2003 and returned to the governing body in September 2016.

I sit on the Resources Committee and beyond the day-to day running of the extended care facilities, I aim to support the whole school to continue on our journey to outstanding.

I am extremely proud of our school, and honoured to be part of such a dedicated team of people, over the last 23 years that I have worked at Brownsover I have always believed that at the heart of our school are the children.

It is vitally important to provide them with an exciting, nurturing, caring and engaging environment that stimulates them on their own learning journey’s to becoming independent, inquisitive, thoughtful, caring young people.

Sarah Halliwell

Staff Governor


I am very happy to be a staff governor and started this role in September 2016. I joined Brownsover Community School as a year 2 teacher in September 2015 and thoroughly enjoy being a part of the team. I love teaching and have been particularly impressed with the children's enthusiasm and desire to achieve. It has been a joy to see how much the children develop in the exciting, nurturing and engaging learning environments that the staff create.

I have been teaching for nine years and this experience has been across the infant age range and also in year 3. At my previous two schools I was a phase leader and on the senior leadership team, leading a team of professionals and contributing to whole school vision, improving attainment and delivering staff training.

I feel becoming a governor is a new opportunity to share some of my expertise as an experienced teacher and also to gain new knowledge about the running of a school and the important role governors have.