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Antarctica Class (Reception)

Welcome to Antarctica Class!

We can’t wait to share all of our busy learning adventures with you! Click on the paw prints below to see all of the fantastic things we have been up to...

Our Learning Environment
Here are some photos of our reception learning environment.


Our classroom is set up for the children to access as independently as possible. To support this the resources and shelves are labelled so the children can “Choose it, use it, put it away”


When we are exploring a particular topic or if the children show a keen interest in something we will add to our provision. Otherwise the areas of the classroom and resources remain the same for as long as possible throughout the year so that the children feel confident and comfortable to revisit activities to practise skills or try out new ideas.

Home Corner

We have a home corner area where we can act out and pretend everyday and familiar scenarios. Sometimes we will have additional role play areas to support the children’s interests or to explore different topics, e.g. a shop, vets or café. 

The Writing Station

Our Writing Station is where we draw and write; pictures, words and magical symbols. We have lots of different writing tools and paper to choose from. We also have a whiteboard where we pretend to be teachers and write lots of letters!

Construction Room

In our Construction Room we can build with small construction toys to support our fine motor skills. We also have wooden blocks of different shapes and sizes. We try lots of different ways of balancing and placing the bricks to create fantastic towers and buildings. 

Water Play

This is our Water Play. We love to experiment with what floats and sinks and we love pour and fill. We are really good at looking after the water animals that we find in the water area.  


We have a maths area with lots of different counting, number and shape resources to choose from. During our reception year we will practise counting, ordering numbers and making calculations in practical ways. We learn about the names of shapes and their properties.

Art Area

In our Art Area we love to be creative. We practise using different tools, we learn about mixing colours and we use different materials to create our designs. 

Book Corner

This is our Book Corner. This is a nice quiet place to come and share a book with our friends. We have a selection of fiction and non-fiction books and get to see the books that help us with our learning